Spiked Shoes

Spiked Shoes by Shoe-In

Home of the best spiked shoes you’ll ever own-Shoe-In Spikes.  These are the best spiked shoes that you can own for installing epoxy coatings, self-leveling, and decorative concrete overlays.  Spiked shoes allow you to walk on your project during installation, and are more comfortable, safe, and easier to get on and off.


If you apply coatings or decorative concrete finishes you almost certainly need spiked shoes for you and your installers.  the product without   Online home of the best Spiked and Finishing shoes. Installing epoxy coatings, self-leveling, and decorative overlays have never been easier. With its patented design, ShoeIn Spiked Shoes provide the ultimate solution for installation of decorative coatings. Having NO STRAPS allow contractors to get on and off the shoes with ease. Its high quality materials provide superior stability and make them very comfortable. After a few minutes, you won’t remember you have them on!

Spiked Shoes by Shoe-In

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Spiked Shoes by Shoe-In-Best Spiked Shoes for epoxy floor and other concrete coatings.  Available in 3 sizes for comfort and fit you need to get your jobs done.  The spiked shoe of choice for professional epoxy installers and other flooring professionals in the business of providing exceptional flooring finishes.