Spiked Shoes by Shoe-In

Shoe-In Spikes

Spiked Shoes by Shoe-In

Spiked Shoes by Shoe-In are the premier spiked shoe for epoxy and decorative coating professionals.  No more broken straps, buckles, and adjustments.  Simply step right in and out of your spiked shoes now with Shoe-In spikes.   These are also flexible as well as wider for increased stability and safety.  If you are a concrete coating or epoxy garage floor professional than you won’t want to be without these!  Excellent durability and increased comfort over the plastic nightmares of years past.

Spiked shoes on epoxy floor Spiked Shoes by Shoe-in are:

  • available in 3 sizes (Medium, Large, and X-Large)  Sizing Chart Here
  • Come with “sharp spikes” installed
  • Dull Spikes are available
  • Replacement dull and sharp spikes replacements are available as well
  • All spiked shoes by Shoe-In are Black in color


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