Spiked Shoes by Shoe-In

Spiked Shoe Sizing

Shoe-in Spikes come in 3 standard sizes at this time.


Proper Sizing of your spiked shoes is very important!


Medium <9

Large 9-11

X-Large 11+


Shoe-In Spiked shoe sizes are based on the US Mens size foot chart, and are sized based on work boot sizes.  If you are wearing an athletic shoe for your installations you should adjust your sizings accordingly, as athletic shoes tend to be smaller and less bulky than work boots.  We recommend that you error on the side of the shoes being tight, rather than loose.  They may be a little more difficult to take on or off, but that is better than them wanting to fall off while you are completing your flooring project.  Below is a chart for conversion for European and Central American measurements


Once you have determined your proper sizing for your spiked shoes you may order here